Locally made, San Diego
The Sky | Cranberry
100% Plant-based Frames
Designed and crafted locally in San Diego
The Sky | Cranberry
The Nomad Diamond | Slate
Designed and Made in San Diego, CA

Saunt(er) - A leisurely and idle manner.

Locally designed and made, our 100% Plant-based frames have a unique organic surface, are extremely durable and stay put with a gentle hug.

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Perfect fit

I love my Saunt sunglasses! They are stylish, lightweight, plant-based, and locally made. I get tons of compliments on them.

Megan on Aug 29, 2021
Carlsbad, CA

I love my glasses!!! They are lightweight, super stylish, fit well & the lenses are not too dark. :) I've been an anti-Plastic person for a long time now & am so Stoked to be sporting these Plant based Beauties!

Kathryn M.
Leucadia, CA

Great fit and style

I rarely find a pair of sunglasses that is both stylish and comfortable, but Saunt checks both boxes. I have been called a rock star wearing this pair more often than I did when I was pretending to be one. The company story is cool too.

Jani on Sep 15, 2021
Del Mar, CA

Love these shades!

I am a sunglass guy and the Heavy are one of my favorite pairs ever. They are light weight and fit great. I barely notice that I am wearing them while active. The lenses are great, crystal clear and seem pretty scratch resistant.

Grayson Davis on Sep 03, 2021
Encinitas, CA

The Nomad - Diamond Clad

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Included with each Sunglass

100% Wool Case



Saunt Polarized Lenses

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Adrian Franks

Manufacturing at home
Streamlined local production, minimal waste,
lower carbon footprint.
Our Craft
Renewable Bio-Sourced
Plant Based Frame Material
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