Saunt Polarized Lenses

They're really great!

HI-DEF POLARIZED - Our High-definition polarized lenses shield your eyes and enhance your sight. Polarized filtration blocks indirect and reflective glares while allowing the “good” light to pass through providing a level of relaxation only gained when wearing polarized.

Highly recommended for water environments as they help eliminate the glare of the sun reflecting off horizontal surfaces.

PREMIUM OPTICS - Optically correct, decentered 2mm thick shatterproof Polycarbonate.

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING - UV+420nm - For the sake of long-term health of the eyes, we focused on light up to 420nm. Block harmful “blue light” in the 400-420 nm part of the spectrum in addition to UV. Colors look natural even when blue-violet 400-420 nm light is blocked.

ANTI-REFLECTION - with apply an anti-reflective coating to the back of our lenses to further cut down on distracting glare that may come from behind.

HARD COATING - Anti-scratch hard coatings on all lenses.

OLEOPHOBIC COATING - This coating cuts down on grease and smudge build up on the lens providing clearer crisp vision longer between cleanings.

COLOR TINTS - We have developed three amazing standard base tints in Grey, Brown and Rose. All tints block harmful blue light to 420nm, that's pretty far out. All lenses are made in shatterproof polycarbonate with an injected polarizing film, scratch resistance hard coat ing and anti-reflective coating on the backside.

Polarized Tints

These images are a total photoshop fabrication we put together to help give an idea of what the lens tints look like.
Hey, every little bit helps

Grey Polarized

Rich natural color and sharp contrast.

• Filter Category 3 - Light Transmission 12.6%
• UV+420nm Blue Light Blocking

Rose Polarized

A subtle rose tint providing high contrast that’s perfect for fast action.

• Filter Category 3 - Light Transmission 12%
• UV+420nm Blue Light Blocking

Brown Polarized

A warm tint excellent for everyday, high contrast, vivid color with maximum clarity and detail.

• Filter Category 3 - Light Transmission 11.7%
• UV+420nm Blue Light Blocking

Transparent Production

Our lens technology is very techinical. We make an 'injected polarized' lens. What this means is that plastic is injected into a highly polished mold with a high quality polarizing film inserted to create a strong bond. What is removed from the mold is called a lens blank, the blank is then put through a serious of processes that tint, harden, coat the lenses with Anti-Reflective and sometimes mirror coatings equaling all the benefits that come with Saunt lenses. I explain this for a couple reasons, some people just need to know, and to give you a basic understanding of why it is so difficult to establish this manufacturing technology here in the United States. We currently have our lens blanks made in and imported from Xiamen, China.

We work with a factory that has fair working conditions for their people. We are continuing our efforts to use no single use plastics in the manufacture, packaging and shipping of our lenses.

Please feel free to reach out for more information.