Greenwashing, Green Juice, and Green Tea

Greenwashing, Green Juice, and Green Tea

What is greenwashing? Does it have something to do with green juice? Green tea?


The answer would be a short "no," though those who do consider the benefits of a good nutrient packed green juice, and those who understand the amazing effects of a really amazing green tea, would be probably most interested in learning more about what greenwashing means ( if they do not already know.).


Many terms are "thrown" around and used, especially in our feel-good consumer culture; for those who want to know what some of these words truly mean we dip our toe into the waters of definition here. Years ago, the "buzz" words were "organic" and "natural,” these two terms still are used profusely today in the marketing of many product categories. Importantly, many of us have learned to dig deeper when a company uses these terms to make sure they are using them in an authentic and ethical way. Lately, especially in the past couple of years, the terms "eco friendly" and "sustainable” have made it to the forefront of many companies' messaging. With these terms, we also need to dig deeper, making sure they are being used in a genuine and morally grounded manner.


By definition, according to Wikipedia, greenwashing: (a compound word modeled on "whitewash"), also called "green sheen,” is a form of marketing spin in which green PR (green values) and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly.


False or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of certain brands or products don't just confuse consumers, they're shown to sow mistrust and even slow down environmental progress.


So how does this relate to the eyewear industry?


We all understand the benefits of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, and the sunglass industry in general, along with eye care professionals, have done a great part in communicating to the consumer about lenses, lens technology, as well as the benefits of wearing good quality shades, instead of inexpensive knockoffs,  equipped with sub standard lenses, and poor frame quality. 


What is it about Saunt Eyewear that we need to know, aside from the fact that the frames are beautiful, the designs are classic and timeless, and the lenses are all high quality polarized that not only provide 100% UV protection, but also block out harmful blue light. In addition, Saunt Eyewear makes their frames here in the USA, in San Diego, California. 


Throughout the supply chain, the Saunt brand remains authentic and strives to be transparent in the building of its brand.  From the using of recyclable tape in the shipping of Saunt products; to the finished packaging; to the 100% wool sunglass pouches; to the sustainably sourced plant based frame materials; and much more...