Saunt Eyewear founder and designer Tom Kabbash grew up in Venice Beach, California – a cultural crossroads that united the Dog Town surf and skate movement, a community of artists and self-expressed individuals. It was the 80’s and 90’s, and change was everywhere – fashion, music, sports and lifestyle.

Tom, guided by his passion for surfing says he “would always be in the shapers room when [he] was getting a new board – and there were many.”  Tom was fascinated by design and the factory nearly as much as he loved to surf, which sparked him to a world of creating, designing and building cool things.  As a result, he has designed eyewear for some of the most innovative fashion, lifestyle and sports brands in the world.

Today, Saunt reflects Tom’s desire to make products for people to love while striving to make them in a way that’s right with the earth.



Our present and aspirational manufacturing, business and lifestyle practices. 

We are laying it all out on the table to show that our publicized practices are legitimate, and not hollow marketing jargon. 

Our goal is to share with you our (but not limited to) sourcing, factory locations, factory credentials such as GOTS, manufacturing credentials such as Fairtrade and a summary of why we made these decisions. This information will be available on product pages pre-purchase.

As a business with a voice and community, there’s a responsibility to inspire people to improve the way they do things. If sharing our sustainability and ethical practices can change one person’s approach to single-use plastic, for example, then it’s a winner.”



Hey, I'm Tom!
One of my favorite ways of being described below.

"Reading and sauntering and lounging and dosing,
which I call thinking, is my supreme Happiness."

David Hume

You can reach us through the chat or message here and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 
We are in San Diego, CA. west coast time.

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