We make our frames from sustainably bio-sourced plants.
• SUSTAINABLY BIO-SOURCED material derived from the Ricinus communis species, the castor bean, which in itself is really cool because it contains no plastic.  To learn more about our frame material check out Our Eyewear.
• STRONG & DURABLE -   our frame material is extremely durable and retains its shape, never stretching out.
• FEATHER LIGHT - Extraordinarily lightweight - nearly all of our sunglasses, complete with lenses, weight in at or below 1oz. or 28grams for metric.

Opaque and textured surface finish, perfectly imperfect, with an organic quality accentuated when paired with smooth surfaces and reflective lenses.

We want you know what you are getting when you purchase a pair of our Saunt Eyewear glasses so please take a closer look at our surface finishes here Our Eyewear


For size and fit for this specific style, see the chart further down this product page.
We have dialed the fit through bridge refinement and tapering thicknesses combined with our flexible material to accommodate a large range of head shapes. If you feel the fit isn’t right for you, DO NOT bend the arms or over stretch the frame as it will not stretch out. Our materials really keep their shape so please return the glasses and try another frame if the fit isn't right, we will happily cover the shipping!

All Saunt lenses are:

HI-DEF POLARIZED - Our High-definition polarized lenses shield your eyes and enhance your sight. Polarized filtration blocks indirect and reflective glares while allowing the “good” light to pass through providing a level of relaxation only gained when wearing polarized.

Highly recommended for water environments as they help eliminate the glare of the sun reflecting off horizontal surfaces.

PREMIUM OPTICS - Optically correct, decentered 2mm thick shatterproof Polycarbonate.

BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING - UV+420nm - For the sake of long-term health of the eyes, we focused on light up to 420nm. Block harmful “blue light” in the 400-420 nm part of the spectrum in addition to UV. Colors look natural even when blue-violet 400-420 nm light is blocked.

ANTI-REFLECTION - with apply an anti-reflective coating to the back of our lenses to further cut down on distracting glare that may come from behind.

OLEOPHOBIC COATING - This coating cuts down on grease and smudge build up on the lens providing clearer, crisp vision longer between cleanings.

HARD COATING - Anti-scratch hard coatings on all lenses.